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Deck the Dorm Halls

Updated: Mar 1

For many college students, the beginning of the holiday season can be strange without the typical bustle of family-decorating. However, there are many dorm-friendly options that can liven up those last couple months of the semester. Here are some tips for decorating dorm-style:


As college students, trying not to break the bank is fairly important. The $1, $3, and $5 sections of Target offer many cute, festive signs, garlands, and other small decorations to decorate doors, halls, and rooms. Walmart, Big Lots, and Dollar Tree all have mini-Christmas trees that are relatively inexpensive and perfect for a dorm room.

Dorm-Friendly Options

Mini trees obviously save space, and come with tiny ornaments and tree skirts that are the perfect size for any cramped dorm room. Since most dorms don’t allow open flames, battery powered candles can provide festive lighting without any risk. Many stores are also now selling scented ornaments that bring those homey, holiday smells into any space.

Fun with Friends

As always, the best way to celebrate is to celebrate with friends! Throwing a decorating party in your dorm can help everyone feel a little more at home during those stressful, pre-exam weeks. Decorating a community tree with homemade decorations or small, painted-wooden planks can personalize your group decorations, and provide a keepsake for after the holidays.

Keep in mind that college doesn’t have to be lonely! Invite your neighbors into a safe, affordable, fun celebration to bring the holiday spirit onto your campus.

written by Jessica Fields

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