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Valentine's Day Planning for an SO

When planning for Valentine’s Day, it’s important to keep three things in mind: time, budget, and opportunities.

If you’re rushing to plan last minute, keep in mind that most dinner spots will already be full in terms of reservations. In that case, surprising your significant other at home with a dinner and a bottle of wine can be a romantic way to use your every-day surroundings. If you take this approach, think more scallops and mood lighting, less burgers and TV on in the living room.

As far as budget, you’re in luck! Going out to the fanciest restaurant is a bit of a tired idea anyway. Surprising your significant other with a day-trip to a nearby city will usually cost a lot less, and make for a younger, spontaneous Valentine’s. Day trips can also be a great option for couples that don’t have a whole lot of things to do in their own town. Something familiar (like a coffee shop or a walk down main street) is a whole lot cuter in an unfamiliar setting than it is in a place you’ve already been a thousand times.

written by Turner B. Johnson and Jessica Fields

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