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Valentine's or Galentine's?

Ah yes, the great debate, the question that follow the celebration of every new year: will you be participating in a Valentine's Day or a Galentine's Day? Either way, there are pretty clear ways to have fun with or without a significant other.

For couples:

Valentine’s is a great opportunity to get some quality time with a significant other, but adding a group-date component can be a good excuse to spend some time with friends and not miss all the fun group activities that have become so popular on this holiday. ‘Galentine’s Day’ jealousy is real- you may be the one with an SO, but that doesn’t mean you want to miss out on opportunities to see friends. Plan your day or evening split between a group activity (drinks together, a drive-in movie, ax throw, etc.) and special time with your partner (a nice dinner, a walk by the river, you know- the classics). This holiday is a good opportunity to do something fun with couple friends that you might have been putting off.

For singles:

Remember, you’re not just a Single, you’re a whole person that can has a whole life of your own aside from your relationship status! My recommendation is to attend or host the classic Galentine’s Day complete with a RomCom, cookies, and facemasks. Then, if anybody tries to throw a pity party, just put on a horror movie and, I don’t know, eat some celery? That should snap you out of it really quickly.

written by Macy Cochran and Jessica Fields

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